Cooperative Account

This account is opened and managed by the executive officers of appointed/voted by the Cooperative/Association. They must be either of the following;

  • Long standing homogenous group.
  • Members who have something in common.
  • The same sex; live in the same community.
  • The same age group; the same product line.
  • Trading in the same market or locality.
  • Eligible to open Savings and or Current account to be run by the Association’s Representatives.
  • Open account with a minimum of N5,000.00.
  • Can qualify for loans (Cross Guarantee Bond for loans).

Documentation Requirement:

2 recent passport photographs for each of the signatories, Utility Bill within the last 3 months (Utility Bills, House Rent receipts) of where the meeting is being held, acceptable ID card (National ID, Voters Card, TIN card, International Passport, Driver’s License, Can beidentified by a valid ID card holder for each the signatory (attached the Photocopy-verify the ID card holder), the constitution/bye law of the Association, registered certificate of the Association.

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