Special savings account

This savings product is designed for an Apprentice, Artisans, Traders, Drivers, Vulcanizer, Tailors to save towards their freedom and to also save towards buying working tools etc. This account can also be opened by a master towards an apprentice graduation. This is to help cushion the effects of other competitive cost for the graduation.

It is also designed for any one that wants to save towards a specific goal.

  • Mandatory initial minimum deposit of at least N5,000.00.
  • Monthly deposit of a minimum of N5,000.00.
  • No withdrawal is allowed until after 6 months.
  • 8% interest rate on per annum applicable monthly.
  • It could be used as collateral for Loans.
  • Enables you to use on POS anywhere POS is available.
  • SMS alert.

Documentation Requirement:

2 recent passport photographs of the customer or intended apprentice by the master, Utility Bill within the last 3 months (NEPA Bills, House Rent receipts), acceptable ID card (National ID, Voters Card, TIN card, International Passport, Driver’s License, can also be identified by a valid ID card holder, Confirmed Registered Union ID card etc.)

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